• Japanese Hair Straightening

    The Only Truly Effective Solution To Permanently Straighten Curly or Frizzy Hair


At Just Straightening, we work with you to help you get the hair you've dreamed about. We are fully trained in the Japanese Hair Straightening treatment to ensure you get the high quality service and beautiful hair you deserve.

Curly Frizzy HairOpen a magazine and you’ll see pictures of models, all with one thing in common: sleek and shiny hair. Unfortunately for the rest of us, when we get out of the swimming pool our hair dries into a frizzy mess. Using a straightening iron is a solution, but doing it after every shower or dip in the pool is painfully time consuming.

Are we doomed to life in front of the mirror with a flat iron?

Not at all!


Japanese Permanent Hair Straightening Before and AfterThe Japanese hair straightening (also known as thermal reconditioning, rebonding or Yuko system) is a method of hair straightening that restructures the bonds in your hair so that it stays straight. This system works on most types of hair (with afro hair being the exception). Imagine waking up every morning to silky smooth straight hair. No more time worrying about frizz on vacation!


Here’s why you should choose us to get the straight hair you want:

  • You get a great look for a great price. All of our prices are competitive – you know you’re getting a great value.
  • Our stylists are certified in the Yuko method so you know they know what they’re doing.
  • Can’t get to us? We’ll come to you – Just Straightening stylists are mobile for your convenience.
  • We work around your schedule. Instead of having a standard 9-5, we’re open late on evenings and weekends so that you can get the hair you want when you want it.


Below are a few before and after pictures of our clients. Check our our Before and After Japanese Hair Straightening Photo Gallery.