The Japanese Hair Straightening Process

The Japanese Hair Straightening system, also know as Yuko system or thermal reconditioning  was created in Japan in 1996 by Yuko Yamashita, hence its name. The process can be thought of as the reverse of permanent waving. The process takes between 3-5 hours to complete and can be summarised in the following steps:

Step 1

We start with a consultation to gain as much information as possible on the hair history, e.g. whether it has been coloured or bleached, chemically treated, e.g. permed or straightened, scalp condition, any irritations or allergies.

We will also perform a strand test at this stage if necessary. If we are happy that your hair is suitable for the treatment then we will proceed to the next steps.

Step 2

The hair is washed and blow-dried until it is around 80% dry.

Hair before straightening treatment

Step 3

A protector is applied to protect the hair. It is then saturated with a solution containing a chemical that restructures the hair bonds that give each strand its shape and curly texture.

The solution is allowed to work in the hair for a period of time, depending on the strength of your curl, in order to thoroughly break down the hair’s structure.


Step 4

The hair is the then washed, dried, and meticulously ironed piece by piece on 1/2 inch sections, with ceramic straightening iron.

Hair is ironed with ceramic straightening iron Hair is ironed in sections

Step 5

A neutralizer is then applied to oxidize and restore the hair’s pH balance, sealing in the moisture and locking the hair into its new straight shape.

A neutralizer is applied to the hair

Step 6

The hair then rinsed, blow-dried, trimmed if required and ironed all over again leaving you with glossy, smooth, straight hair.

Glossy, smooth, shiny straight hair